Be This
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About Beth

be this creative.
established 2013.
hq in silicon valley


Beth was trained in the world of architecture, but quickly lured to the fast-paced nature of the tech industry where she learned firsthand the ins and outs of digital product marketing. She set off on her own in 2013 to build Be This, a creative studio focused on quality digital design. Since then, she’s helped dozens of brands express themselves on the internet through content creation, social media strategy, and web design.

They say you’ve mastered a language once you’ve lived in the native culture for 10 years. If that’s the case, then Beth is fluent in GIFs, communicating complex emotions with the brevity that the internet age requires. Her mantra: every visual, animated or still, must imbue the message in 6 seconds or less, lest the reader scroll on before the moral of the story is complete.

Beth is powered by music, the Deep Work method of productivity, and daily meditative walks. Her 2018 theme song is Life in Marvelous Times by Mos Def.

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